Precision Forestry and Farming: your forests, with new eyes

Remote Sensing and IT development at the service of the agricultural and forestry sector

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Purpose, Values + Vision

Forest and agriculture management systems development; implementation of new technological tools that make it possible to support precision forest and agricultural planning and practices; qualitative and quantitative information relating to woods/forest environments, and to vigor indices of agricultural crops.
Decision support System/tools based on: GIS technologies, multi-scale remote sensing (satellite/airplanes/drones, LiDAR systems), forest space modeling, computer algorithms implemented in decision support system.

Francesca Giannetti

Francesca Giannetti (F), PhD, Her research and work is focused on the field of remote sensing and GIS applications in forest mapping and monitoring and the development of decision support system able to be used in delay forest management work to reduce the costs of forest management and improve the quality of information that can be derived from forest variables maps. Dr. Francesca Giannetti has been involved in various projects, the most recent of which are FREsh Life (Demonstrating Remote Sensing integration in sustainable forest management) and Erasmus+ GeoNATURA, PRECISIONPOP (development of an early warming web-gis system to support poplar plantation monitoring and management), B-FOREST and GOSURF (development of two different decision support systems in Tuscany to support forest management). Her work has been published in peer-reviews journals, books, and international conferences. She is also involved in developing user friendly tools to manage remote sensing data for forest technical work. She has the Italian-pilot license for UAVs. 

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