Artificial Intelligence in Education

The new technology that brings us closer, Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, has now been established as one of the most promising methods that can promote innovation. And the truth is that the use of AI has a lot of benefits.

In the world of education, we notice that more and more scholars and researchers start to claim that Artificial Intelligence along with the concept of Machine learning is going to bring new innovative ways to teach and learn. In general, they will bring education to the next level.

At the same time, however, some believe that AI in education could create potential problems, seeing as a machine, no matter how well programmed, will never be able to replace the physical presence of a teacher. Students often relate to their educators and create bonds that help them develop. With a machine leading the way, that is not possible.
Artificial Intelligence has advantages and disadvantages. Here is a list of those that can have the biggest impact:

Advantages of AI in Education

Every time is time for education

With AI evolving, more learning apps and computer programmes are emerging daily. Students are no longer obstructed by the inability to be physically present in a classroom. Now students can learn a new language or develop a new skill whenever they have the time.
Young people already spend most of their time on their phones. They can use some of that time to learn something new.

More options than ever

There was a time when students had to accept the type of teaching method the teacher had to offer. Trying out new things and understanding what you like was not a possibility. Now with AI and online education, students of all ages can focus on what works for them first and the actual teaching material later.
Focus points are now more accessible than ever and the knowledge is so filtered. Most importantly, now students have the option of testing their skills before starting. Not everyone is an amateur on everything new. So why start from the bottom when you can move forward a bit.

Evaluation on the spot

Never as good as the trained eye of a teacher but AI has taken some amazing leaps forward regarding evaluation points for students. Now they can solve exercises, take tests, and receive the results straightaway. Artificial Intelligence can indeed save a lot of time for students these days.

Lesson improvement

A lot of teachers are turning their classes digital today. An AI system can help evaluate and improve courses and find more opportunities that can be added. At the same time, teachers can identify the weaknesses of the students faster and use programmes to solve them.

Faster lesson creation

Most education AI systems today are using templates and programming language to insert information and details in the right places and the right order faster than ever. Today teachers do not need to struggle in creating a course. They only need to choose the concept and the Artificial Intelligence system will give them all the option they need. With the push of a few buttons, the course can be ready in no time.
The option of saving the courses and reusing them is also a great benefit.

Instant repeated knowledge

No one likes to miss classes. You might lose important details and notes as well as answers to some important questions. With AI systems students and teachers can now revisit classes, find the parts that are the most difficult for them and go through them again and again until they complete them perfectly.

Disadvantages of AI in education

We could say that AI is a great tool but it does need monitoring. Here are some disadvantages that we need to watch out for.

Monitored content

Not all content is created by professional teachers. And not all monitored has been double-checked. It is a regular phenomenon for people to enroll in online classes only to find that the content is lacking or that it has no actual value. It is still really early for AI in education and the monitoring process has not yet been perfected.

False hopes of great content

In most cases, people will use an app or software for free. Unfortunately in the free version, they are not able to get what they are looking for. The majority of them will probably move on to buying the full version.
A lot of cases have been reported on online content not being accurate or that it was presented in one way and eventually the customer received something completely different.

Crashing AI

Not every software is using the best technology. AI systems have been known to crash on multiple different occasions. This can be rather inconvenient for people, especially considering that most students and teachers decide to pay to gain access to AI systems for education. This technology is still brand new.


Lately, more and more people are arriving at the same conclusion. AI is a remarkable tool that can make the life of students and teachers alike, very easy but it is to be used as a tool and not as the only way of learning.
There are still a lot of steps that will need to be taken for Artificial Intelligence to reach the point of no flaws and only merits. At the moment it does appear to be on the right path. Students and teachers alike benefit from it and the faster this technology grows the faster the positive results.