Bite-sized learning and modern education

More and more surveys are being conducted ever single year to identify the new types of learning and educations that people seem to prefer. It is a fact that millennials change their mind and their views very often. In more than one case millennials choose based on the current trends and not what might work for them.

In the case of bite-sized learning, we notice that this is indeed more than just a trend. It is a type of learning that is here to stay, seeing as the results seem to be more promising than anything else. According to statistics more than 95% of professionals in the field of learning and education state that their students preferred bite-sized learning over regulars long e-learning courses. 

Why bite-sized learning?

There are two key factors that have placed bite-sized learning on the top of the list of different learning techniques for millennials. 
The first factor is the attention span. It has been scientifically proven that nowadays, millennials have a much shorter attention span. In other words, long lessons that go over 30 minutes are no longer eligible for teaching.

On the contrary, small videos that do not exceed the 3 to the 5-minute timeframe and have a concentrated informative content appear to be easier to process and learned by students. As a result, more and more educational institutions are adding bite-sized learning as part of their curricula to attract a younger audience.

The second factor is the limited time of people today. With the internet being able to provide us with more and more information as well as access to more knowledge young people are always trying to add more skills as part of their CV. As a result, time is of the essence and very limited.

Bite-sized learning is accessible everywhere. It is something that a person can go through during a short break or when going from one place to the other using public means of transportation. Being able to gain more knowledge without worrying about losing important facts is very crucial to the learning process of students today! 

How to create your bite-sized learning courses

When creating your bite-sized learning courses, it is essential to remember that there are some steps that you will need to do and certain things you will need to remember to make sure that your lessons will be resultful. 
First, you need to remember that a bite-sized learning course cannot hold a lot of information. Do not just dump the content of your students. Find one idea for each small video and stick with it. It is better to explore one thing more thoroughly than two and lack important information.
Second, remember to make your content engaging. Find the right strategy to make your content more interesting than ever. Try to think about what it is that would interest you the most. Give that to your learners. Bite-sized learning courses might be short but they can very well fail if they are not interested enough.
Change your format. A lot of people, although they are trying to move to a bite-sized learning technique, they are still keeping e-learning elements which do not fit. You need to be direct, cut to the chase, and most importantly perfectly present your content. When creating your bite-sized learning courses, it is essential to remember that there are some steps that you will need to do and certain things you will need to remember to make sure that your lessons will be resultful.

Attract the user  

Just because the lesson might be delivered in bite-sized learning videos, that is not an excuse to have a bad presentation. A blank white background with letters on it is boring and it does not seem professional at all.
However, by simply changing the font to something more sophisticated and by maybe adding some color to the background, you are immediately giving the lesson a much friendlier and yet professional approach.
The same thing goes with the personalized environment as well. If you are using your website or platform to upload your courses, make sure that the interface and the environment are going to be friendly and easy to use. As mentioned above the attention span of today’s youth is limited and they are more strict now than ever. A bad interface will chase your learners out of the website before they can get a chance to click on your videos. 


Bite-sized learning is a great opportunity for you to reach out to more learners, increase your audience, and add more valuable courses to your website or platform. You can show off your experience and expertise by creating the best lessons and delivering the most insightful courses. More importantly, you will get to reach out to new generations of people who will appreciate this type of learning!