Education and Gamification


It is a well-known fact  that education is the key to every successful action. Education drives the economy. It drives societies and it is responsible for the evolution of so many different fields that affect us on a daily basis.
However, with the way technology is evolving every single day, it is very easy for young people to get distracted and bored with school lessons. As a result, we can notice a relative decrease in the performance rate of both students as well as teachers.
To put it simply, lessons at schools and higher-education institutions are not interesting enough. As a result, people are turning away from education at a very fast pace. This has created the need to create new visual stimuli for education, in an effort to bring students back by providing them with interesting lessons. This is why gamification and education are utterly connected. 
Gamification is the use of game design and mechanics to enhance non-game contexts by increasing participation, engagement, loyalty, and competition. These methods can include points, leaderboards, direct competitions, and stickers or badges, and can be found in industries as varied as personal healthcare, retail—and, of course, education.
Games can certainly make things a lot more interesting for young children. Adding games to education will increase their performance and will certainly make school lessons a lot more interesting. For that reason, a lot of gamification platforms  have been created specifically aiming to improve school lessons and increase student productivity.

By starting to add gamification in schools societies are able to help raise a new line of future entrepreneurs. Young men and women who are learning to work and are enhancing their skills and competencies through games have a lot more possibilities and can achieve more in the future.
Having fun while learning is essential. Gamification and education should go hand in hand. Whether we are talking about young children in schools or big multinational companies establishing work-based learning techniques with the use of the gamification platform. The results will amaze you!