Vasilis Bouronikos

What is Educational Video Marketing?

As a practice, marketing, the promotion of buying and selling a product or service, has been known for millennia. But the term marketing appeared in the late nineteenth century and became an academic field in the early twentieth century. Since then, marketing has dominated the modern business world and has passed through many transitional phases. From printed marketing material to telemarketing to the extravagant power-hungry billboards on busy avenues like the Times Square, marketing has essentially remained the same.

But, in the last couple of years, with smartphone usage and social media proliferation, marketing has shifted to a more informational marketing type. The so-called educational video marketing is the latest marketing trend for the past few years with great potential for businesses.

The Beginning of Educational Video Marketing

The educational video came into popularity simultaneously as social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These social media platforms allow the easier shareability of videos in a matter of few clicks and to a larger audience.

These heavily populated social media platforms and the qualities that a video brings to the table are the main reasons behind video marketing success. The internet is flooded with information that the users can search for almost anything and get instant results. Consequently, the internet is a great way to inform yourself about anything, and what is a better way to do that than seeing a video?

Educational videos are also known as "how-to" videos. These videos are literally everywhere on the web, and that popularity gave rise to what we call now educational video marketing. But what really makes a video such a powerful tool?

How does Educational Video Work?

A video's qualities make it the perfect medium for teaching or informing someone about something new. First, videos combine two essential elements that distinguish them from other mediums. What makes videos superior is that they combine both visual and audio components that come with advantages on their own.

A video creates a more engaging sensory experience that enhances learning, especially when it comes to difficult topics. The visual part of the video makes it easy for the audience to grasp information more quickly, corresponding best to visual learners' needs. Furthermore, even if their subject lies more to the acoustic side, a video will allow their viewers to better understand their body language's nuances.

Therefore, an educational video is an excellent way for someone to learn something on the web because it makes the process really easy and, why not, fun. But all these are more relevant to the side of the consumer. So, what is going on with the businesses? How can they utilize educational videos, especially when they lack the experience to create them in the first place?

Promote your Business through Educational Video Marketing

The majority of businesses have nothing to do with the creation of educational videos. For that reason, it must sound weird to companies that they can, or better should invest, in creating a video through which they will inform their potential customers about something that relates to them as a business. By doing so, they will gain considerable benefits that will improve their brand overall and will achieve to:

  1. Answer directly or indirectly common questions relating to their business
  2. Explain more effectively their  business model
  3. Build trust around their brand as you they are trying to inform about something rather than sell
  4. Generate leads
  5. Increase their authority

But, because businesses typically do not possess the know-how to create educational videos, or better still, the equipment to do so, there are organizations like iED Academy. iED Academy, except being a Knowledge Hub on European Entrepreneurship, also provides the expertise to help businesses create their own educational videos for marketing purposes.  

Educational video marketing is an effective way to reach a vast audience and do that effectively. It is not only an excellent way to inform their audience about their business or about something that relates closely to them, but it also adds value. It is not just another marketing campaign which tries to aggressively sell something and will get old after some time. An educational video will last longer on the web and, depending on the quality of the video it will have replayability. Video marketing is an indirect yet effective way to improve and raise their brand awareness.