How to Become a Scrum Master with No Experience

Christina Tziouvara
Answering the question on how to become a scrum master with no experience isn’t easy. Getting such a job may be a difficult pursuit, especially when there is no prior work experience. However, becoming a scrum master isn’t impossible.

Firstly, you need to do your research on the responsibilities and tasks attached to the position.

What does a Scrum Master Do?

The objective of this position can be summarized in pushing the team’s productivity boundaries and in ensuring its commitment. Thus, safeguarding the team is the epicenter of this job, both for individuals of the team and all together as well.

Although this role doesn’t hold formal power, a scrum master may intervene, when the team’s best interest is in jeopardy. On the condition that the team’s self-organize element isn’t compromised.

Apparently, it is the person, who tackles emerging challenges, no matter of their nature. In addition, a scrum master facilitates the team’s work, through the provision of resources available within the organization.

Here is How to Become a Scrum Master with No Experience

There is no doubt that we refer to a problem-oriented position, as encountering challenges is given. Therefore, cultivating the following skills are a necessity to a scrum master professional:

  • The operation core of this role is the servant leadership management style.
  • A scrum master doesn’t need to be a technical expert; but, the profession demands profound knowledge on the method’s workings.
  • A scrum master needs to have strong conflict resolution skills.
  • Paying attention to the entire scrum process is crucial. Thus, it entails ensuring an uninterrupted workflow and observing the potentials of each member. Furthermore, it is the person, who facilitates the scrum process by coaching the team.
  • Acquisition of leadership skills are imperative for team management.
  • Moreover, scrum masters encourage collaborations within and beyond the team.
  • Transparency is a significant element of this job as well.

Given these points, here are a few suggestions on how to become a scrum master with no experience:

  1. Acquire profound knowledge of scrum. In particular, try to practice it as much as possible in your current job and beyond your workplace context. Use your everyday life occasions to sharpen your skills.
  2. Take part in pertinent courses and become certified.
  3. Don’t neglect your transferable skills, they can even the lack of experience.
  4. Try to connect with other professionals of the field, in conferences and other pertinent events.

Understanding the scrum master role may not reach the extent of the job’s true value, due to the indiscernible workings entailed to it. All in all, the job description could be summarized as the person that holds the responsibility to fine-tune the team.

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