Natassa Peioglou


Join us at iED Academy

At iED Academy we welcome all types of businesses regardless of niche and size. What all our collaborations have in common are vision and innovation. 

What makes you stand out?
Bring your business to us. We will create digital content, and offer it to our existing audience which counts over five thousand users who are looking to network, grow and stay updated on the latest business trends. 

We offer customized packages for content development and marketing campaigns. You will not walk alone. Our digital experts will create your online content so that your expertise will be presented in the best possible way. 

Networking – Collaborations – Audience – Rebranding – New Markets 

Educational marketing offers value and reaches your own professional goals. 

We don’t know everything.
Honestly. No one does. That’s why we listen, we are transparent and base our work on strong communication and honesty. We will never promise what we cannot deliver. 

Want to know more?
Reach out to us for a short session to discuss your goals. We will take all the info onboard and come back with a plan. Maybe even two.  

The most important part
Find what suits you best and what makes you feel comfortable. It’s your business, your time spent building your dream job. It’s our honor to be part of your journey.

Take a look at our intro video here.

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