Augmented Reality by Konica Minolta

A clear understanding of Augmented Reality applications using genARate studio

What's included?

  11 Modules

  50 Videos

  Certification of Completion

 60-day free trial of genARate studio

Purpose, Values + Vision

This course provides a clear understanding of Augmented Reality and the opportunity to build 5 dynamic AR experiences from scratch for Android & iOS including different trigger images, using genARate studio, an Augmented Reality platform developed by Konica Minolta.
During the course, you will:
  • create an interactive business card,
  • create an AR greeting card including embedding a personal message – through animation, sound, or video.
  • be introduced to 3D object placement – think of your favorite car and place it in your living room!
  • evaluate your creative experiences through the analytics insights.
Our advanced module will provide you an understanding of coding in HTML / JavaScript so you can really impress your users! 
Additional Benefits:
  • Business value insights of Augmented Reality.
  • The basics of cloud technology
  • How an AR experience is triggered, matched, and displayed through your mobile device.
Case studies: Selection from demo book including The Big Issue, Gardaland, Ukraine and more!
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Meet the instructor Markus Ritt

After more than 15 years of engagement in IT-industry as sales and marketing expert – working for SAP, HP and Microsoft – Markus Ritt is now acting as Business Development Manager for Konica Minolta’s Augmented Reality Solution “genARate”.

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