BI4SME Training Programme 

Democratising the Business Intelligence technology with hands-on training for non-technical professionals

What's included?

  7  comprehensive modules

  Video content and real-world examples

  Quizzes to test your knowledge after each module

 Hands-on laboratories to practices you skills

  Completion certificate

Unlocking Potential with BI

Discover the power of data with BI4SME, a course meticulously designed to demystify Business Intelligence (BI) for non-technical professionals. Dive into the essentials of BI, learn through practical, real-world examples, and harness the transformative power of data analysis. Whether you're a small business owner, manager, or curious learner, BI4SME is your launchpad to mastering BI tools and techniques to drive growth and make data-driven decisions with confidence. Join us to unlock insights, foster innovation, and lead with vision in the digital age.

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