Understand EU Funding & Join a Horizon Europe consortium

Understand the EU funding mechanisms and learn how to participate in Horizon Europe the biggest Research and Innovation support programme of EU so far.

What's included?

  5 Modules

  20 Videos

  2 Quizzes

  1 Project

  10 PDF

  Certification of Completion

Who is it for?

For newcomers to EU funding who would like to understand the mechanisms of EU funding, focusing in  Horizon Europe, and explore opportunities.
This is an online training course for those that would like to understand what the EU has to offer in funding innovative projects and how they can find their way into one.

Values + Vision

Training consists of modules that will teach you how to navigate across the EU funding ecosystem, how to identify opportunities, search for organisations with common goals, introduce your company to experienced leading players and participate into winning consortia.
All modules are divided into shorter sessions to help you understand the main concepts in just a few minutes.
The content is enriched with presentations, training notes, simulation exercises, curated literature from EU and templates.
Prerequisites: None. An understanding of basic notions and terms (Grant, project, innovation) would help but if you do not have it, the first module will lay out the groundwork.

Odysseas Spyroglou

Odysseas is an International consultant, working since 2003 in cross-sectoral, multinational and multilingual environments. He has an engineering, ICT and financial background and extensive experience in business & entrepreneurship, Research & Innovation, Project Management and Intellectual Property focusing on SMEs & start-ups. He has setup, supported, mentored and coached new companies, entrepreneurs & SMEs, in Greece, Serbia, Israel, Bulgaria, UK, and Turkey.
He has worked in executive, Senior Project and Programme Manager positions for Private and Public sector projects in ICT, Education, Environment, Tourism, eGovernment. He has over 20 years of working experience in EU projects: preparing proposals, building consortia and managing projects under FP7, CIP, COSME, INTERREG, MED, H2020 and more.
He has designed and delivered more than 300 training sessions on Innovation Management, IPR, Entrepreneurship, Proposal Writing, Project Management, financial administration.

Grigoris Chatzikostas

Grigoris Chatzikostas is an expert in financing innovation. He is managing multi-national and cross-sectoral consortia, developing proposals for EU funding and coordinating large-scale projects that promote tech-enabled entrepreneurship in the agrifood sector. In the past 17 years he has managed European R&I projects exceeding the total value of 100 mEUR. He has delivered programs supporting more than 150 startups and SMEs with pre-seed funding and business support services. As an engaging public speaker and trainer, he makes complex subjects related to EU funding accessible and easy to understand. He also offers mentoring and strategic consulting to a small number of carefully selected companies that are aligned with his interests.

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