CAMINO: Your Personal Leadership Journey

The CAMINO is a one-day, intensive workshop, with a practical, real-life approach, delivered (online and/or face to face) in small groups and targets to have a big, positive impact on you and your career.
As the challenges change, opportunities rise and competition becomes tougher, re-discovering your leadership skills and redefining your own leadership journey is a priority. The CAMINO (in Spanish: journey) will help you to reflect, refocus and renew your leadership journey; to gain new insights to boost your leadership potential by diving into practicing and experimenting with your leadership skills, instead of only theorizing and experimenting. 

Camino is part of a series brought to you by THREADS
* The participants receive a certificate of completion.

What's included?

  pre-Reading Material

  Live Interaction

  Small Focus Groups

  Individual Career Coaching at a special price     for all participants

 Certification of Completion

Purpose, Values + Vision

The THREADS program is about leadership development and cross cutting issues. The aim of THREADS is to help professionals understand leadership skills and pursue their own journey: CAMINO.

CAMINO was to designed to help the participant dive into practicing and experimenting with their leadership skills, instead of only theorizing. It is a leadership development program aiming to help participants understand and assess their own leadership skills, realize potential room for improvement, and develop further their leadership potential to pursue personal development.
To help the participants prepare properly for the training experience, they will receive introductory material two weeks before the actual training day, to walk them through different aspects of leadership in organizational context.

  • Interactive discussion on the participants’ experience and the material they received. 
  • Leadership theories & styles, and reflection on them. 
  • Focus on necessary leadership skills, such as effective communication and non-verbal communication within the organizational context, with the aim to improve collaboration, performance and conflict management skills.
  • Development of a personal development plan (PDP) on leadership. The participants write down their PDP and receive feedback on it from the trainer and fellow participants.

Participants receive individual coaching on their PDP in order to make adaptations, (if necessary) in order to make it SMART and doable.
Meet the instructors


"Pursue your Own Journey"

Dr. Valia Kalaitzi

Dr Valia Kalaitzi is a lecturer at the Department of International Health, Maastricht University, Netherlands, an adjunct professor at the Department of Global Health, Indiana University. Valia is passionate about creativity and excellence that help people find their own pathways, reach their potential and engage effectively within multicultural, globalized and diversified society.
«Keep your feet touching the ground and your eyes on the sky” (Hélène Glykatzi-Ahrweiler)

Jack van der Vlis (MSc)  

HR Specialist - Trainer
Jack van der Vlis works across several industries and universities in the Netherlands (University of Maastricht), & abroad (France, Greece). He teaches and coaches in the MSc program in European Public Health (Maastricht University), as well as in the development of skills and competences for interns (MUMC+, Maastricht academic hospital, the Netherlands). He is an expert on employee motivation and engagement as well as on well-being and work-life-balance, in which he has led several successful programs. 

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