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Creating virtual worlds to help people and organizations grow

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Purpose, Values + Vision

This brilliant new course, coming to you by YOY Simulators, presents the cultural evolution in business through Virtual Reality. You will gain an insight on the reasons why such training is important for every organization & the types of technological training according to specific needs. What is Virtual Reality? The History, How it can help businesses, and various practical examples of Virtual Reality used in the industry. 

Course Lessons

Technological solutions with virtual and augmented reality

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We specialize in Virtual Reality in Chile and Europe making customized developments using the latest technologies in the market.
  • Virtual tours: 360º visualization of a place and its processes.
  • Simulate complex processes and machinery without risks and reducing costs.
  • Visualize products and components: show a product at real scale and with all the required levels of detail.
  • Simulate situations: simulate a catastrophe, a fire, visualize a historical event or execute a procedure.
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Meet the course instructor:

Juan Reyes


Informatics Engineer, Master in Informatics Engineering from Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (Chile). More than 8 years of experience with Virtual Reality applications on Industry and Education. 

What is Virtual Reality?
"It is a computerized simulation of different spaces, in which we can interact and explore, as if we were really there, through virtual reality viewers." 

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