5000 users - Celebrating a new milestone!

Natassa Peioglou
A big thank you is in order to each and every one of you for being active members of the iED Academy platform.

Here are the top 3 free courses you loved the most this year:
The Art of Effective Networking is a video course made by ISM, a company based in Michigan, US. The CEO, Faris Alami, works with international leaders and entrepreneurs on strategies and implementations, to create an empowering environment for startups and existing businesses to grow. The Art of Effective Networking shows you how to connect and build long-lasting relationships.

Educational Marketing by our very own academy is a course about how you can grow using, well, Educational Marketing! This mini video course shows you all the growth potential you can unlock for your business regardless of size, and the expected results, along with case studies and a free consultation should you want to go for it!

Virtual Reality for learning comes to you all the way from Chile and the fabulous YOY team. Yoy’s CEO, Juan Reyes takes you on a journey, from the beginning of VR and AR technologies, all the way to today and how Yoy creates experiences for corporate training. You get to learn exactly how they do it, and watch the actual training footage!

There are many more courses for you to indulge in. There is always something new to learn and we are here to make sure we always have exciting material in store. Stay tuned for more coming in September, and here’s to the next 5k!

Thank you for your love & support
iED Academy