Business Growth at iED Academy

Natassa Peioglou
iED Academy is currently in its second year of operations and is committed now more than ever to promoting professionals and helping them reach their goals through educational marketing.

Who are we?

We are an online platform that aims to showcase your company and what you do best, with our community and the world. We design and create content that we promote to your target audience.

Current trends

With the rise of short videos and reels on social media and our ever so short attention span, combining educational marketing with short video segments is the way forward.

What is Educational Marketing?

Educational Marketing is promoting what you do by giving it educational value. Give the world a solution, an offer, a way to do something they are interested in, in a smart and easy way.

Why do it?

There are many reasons, you choose the one that suits your needs. Whether you want to find a new audience, a new niche, you’re in the middle of a company facelift, you need a new tool for social media…the possibilities are endless.

How to do it with us

It is a pretty straightforward process. You send us your info, we meet to discuss your needs in detail, and then we make a plan which we present to you. Οnce you feel confident with it, we are ready for production.

What if I already have the material I want to showcase?

Even easier. Then we meet, check the quality, and the content, and proceed with final refinements before taking it live!

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Natassa Peioglou
Platform Content & Communications Manager, iED Academy