5 Free Courses with Certificate to Explore in 2021

Vasilis Bouronikos

The existence of free courses with certificate might be a good incentive for learners to enroll and complete an online course. At the beginning of MOOCs (massive open online courses), the most prominent platforms like Coursera or edX offered certificates for free, but this is largely not the case now.

Since 2015, and after many changes to how such educational video platforms work, most free certificates were replaced by paid ones. You can still find free courses with certificate online, but you need to spend time searching for them as they are scattered across platforms. This is terrible news for learners that want to learn for free and have proof of their knowledge.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of certificates to both learners and educational platforms. Then we will introduce you to the educational video courses that you can find on iED Academy to certify your knowledge for free.

The Importance of Certificates in Online Learning

Verifying knowledge through certification is essential for both educational video platforms and learners but for different reasons.

Certifications are an effective technique to increase participation rates to whatever it is that you do. Either you host a webinar or an educational video provider, providing certifications of completion is a good starting point for attracting more users and increasing completion rates immensely.

As far as online learners are concerned, some want to expand their careers or increase their employment chances. Getting those certificates and adding them to their CVs can highlight those skills or knowledge acquired from employers. This type of learners can still get the certifications they want, but they need to spend more time and money to get them.

Free courses with certificate are ideal for students or fresh graduates that are out of work and typically have limited economic resources. If you too belong to this category, have a look at these essential courses that you can find on iED Academy and enrich your CV with a free certificate upon completing the course.

Free Courses with Certificate on iED Academy

At iED Academy, we want to empower individuals and promote their skills development in various fields. For this reason, on the courses section that you can find on our edu-video platform, you can find many courses free of charge, provide a certification of completion, and revolve around topics that are popular amongst learners. Have a look at the free courses with a certificate that you can watch at your own pace and enrich your CV with a certificate.

1.      Augmented Reality by Konica Minolta - This course provides a clear understanding of Augmented Reality (AR). It provides the learner with the opportunity to build five dynamic AR experiences from scratch for Android & iOS, including different trigger images, using genARate studio, an Augmented Reality platform developed by Konica Minolta.

2.      Startup Academy - It helps young entrepreneurs get familiar with basic business concepts such as communication techniques, accounting and financial management, business management, sales and marketing, basic economic concepts, ICT for business purposes, how to prepare international market studies and more.   

3.      Introduction to Industry 4.0 – After three industrial revolutions, participants will familiarize themselves with the framework within which these technological advancements occur. Following this introduction, the training material will touch upon more exciting topics, such as Product Design & Manufacture, Cloud-Based Computing and Digital Factory.

4.      E-Commerce Business for Handicraft and Agriculture – This is a free course with certificate to get practical and valuable information on how to start or develop an e-commerce business in handicrafts and the agricultural sector.

5.      Creating & Managing Co-working Spaces – It provides general knowledge and skills necessary to start and manage a co-working space and insights about entrepreneurship. The course is based on learning by doing methodology, where the learner is active in the learning experience.


Finding free courses with certificates has become more complicated than in the past when they were practically everywhere. As the need for certificates is growing in a highly competitive environment, so is the demand for courses with free certificates that can boost employability.

Listening to the demands of online learners, iED Academy has expanded on its courses that it offers free of charge together with free certificates.

Find your next list of free courses with certificate to study at iED Academy.