The Importance of Networking

Christina Tziouvara
The importance of networking in a person’s professional advancement is no secret. Establishing meaningful connections can be a worthwhile strategy for your career's progress.

What is Networking?

Networking is about creating a system around you, with other experts. It involves establishing and maintaining connections that can be potential sources of support. These acquaintances can play the role of future partners, customers, employers or even mentors, among others.


Forming a network gives you the opportunity to interact with experts of diverse backgrounds and of different levels.

You will listen to different ideas and pertinent information that will boost your knowledge and creativity. Through these interactions, you will get profound insights decisive for your professional trajectory.

Furthermore, another professional might inform you or put on a good word for you about a job opening.

With Whom and Where?

Networking opportunities can show up at any place and any time, whether that is in professional setting or not, online or offline.

For example, good places to network could be professional events for university alumni; conferences or even events intended for networking etc. However, networking can occur in events or activities of non-professional purposes.

Moreover, you might want to check networking choices on websites and apps, such as: LinkedIn; Enterprise Europe Network etc. Bear in mind that “where” can differ, but also to “whom” you can connect with as well. Being openminded is important!

The Importance of Networking in a Sentence

If we had to summarize the importance of networking, that would be a professional circle around you that with one way or another contributes effectively to your professional and personal growth.

We are happy to announce that iED Academy will be hosting an online training course on networking.

Stay tuned for more!