Neuroscience and Coaching: A Self-Exploration Method to Try Out

Christina Tziouvara

The combination of neuroscience and coaching can be a powerful blend of techniques with transformative results. In particular, it is a method addressed to people who want to explore their brain capacities. This is an approach of self-awareness that focuses on the cognitive capabilities of one’s own makeup.

Neuroscience and Coaching: When Combined

The approach of life coaching is founded on the correspondence between solutions and achievement, guided by a professional. Moreover, the overall goal of this method is reaching the maximum levels of personal excellence. There are many different coaching categories. However, the process is entirely up to the professionals and their backgrounds; as every coach is a unique tool of the approach. On the other hand, neuroscience provides knowledge, on brain activity patterns and on the neuro system, and how this process is interpreted into behavior.

Neuroscience-based coaching is the combination of these aforementioned disciplines, for the purposes of one’s self-regulation process, in the best possible way. The cornerstone of this hybrid method is self-awareness. Hence, we refer to a procedure that is customized to a person’s internal processes, such as: elaboration of information; learning; self-blocking beliefs, among others.

Benefits of Reaching Higher Levels of Self-Awareness

Undoubtedly, this hybrid method of neuroscience and coaching is another approach of one’s self-exploration, with cognitive functions as the epicenter. In addition, the core of this practice is individuals’ uniqueness, including cognitive capacities. Here are 4 ways that knowing the full potential of one’s own brain may prove to have empowering effects:

  • Understanding of personal brain processes can lead to the empowering capacity of amending weaknesses; strengthening good qualities; developing better stress coping strategies; shifting core beliefs that hinder a person’s progress etc.
  • The positive impact is obvious to one’s body and expands beyond the self, to other life aspects as well. Once a person realizes the potential of one’s mind, it is possible that this person will understand the importance of nutrition; exercise; sleep; and, other strategies that can help to remain sharp.
  • Making choices, in accordance with one’s capabilities and needs, are more likely to lead in achieving one’s own life goals.

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Self-awareness is a multifactorial ongoing pursuit towards personal development, with the additional quality of influencing all life aspects. It is a multifactorial, due to the fact that human beings are complicated mixtures of functions that occur simultaneously, such as: emotions; reason etc. It is important that the choice of approach for personal growth, matches your current needs of exploration.