Steps to Fulfill the Inborn Need for Self Growth

Christina Tziouvara

Self growth is an innate human desire to evolve and reach self-actualization. According to Maslow, human needs can be prioritized; and, self-actualization is encompassed. Furthermore, the need for self-actualization is placed at the top of Maslow’s pyramid.

Setting the Context

In a nutshell, personal development is a continuous procedure, of the self, that is aiming at becoming a better version of you. It is a process that relies on self-awareness; and, this self-improvement operation extends to all life dimensions. In fact, it is about reaching the highest level of personal fulfillment; in psychology, it is referred with the term of self-actualization.

Put Your Self Growth in Motion

Development of the self, is a course of actions that stretches to giving yourself the opportunities to expand. In fact, these steps involve acts, with substantial meaning for oneself; as they facilitate the route towards transformation.

  • Self-Assessment: 
Assess your current situation. This step is about acknowledging your strengths, weaknesses, and reflect upon your attributes. Focus on the traits and skills that need to be sharpened.
  • Needs and Priorities: 
Acknowledge your personal needs that should become your priorities. Importantly, with this step you will be able to define your goals and your course at large. Making your wants priorities can amplify your motivation. Clearly, step 1 is an essential prerequisite to this step.
  • Assess Your Environment: 
Becoming an observer of your external environment is a significant part of your plan. With this step you will be able to assess the available opportunities that match your goals. Apparently, this step lines up with the previous one.
  • Devise Your Self Growth Action Plan: 
Bridge the aforementioned steps, by filling in the gaps in-between them. Specifically, identifying and setting the actions needed to reach your goals.

Additional Tips

Here are some advice to minimize the possibilities of drawbacks happening throughout your process:

  • Find and integrate new habits into your routine. However, these habits should fulfill requirements that facilitate and reinforce the materialization of your action plan.
  • Every now and then, try to step back and assess the progress you have made. These evaluations shouldn’t be neglected.
  • In cases of drawbacks, you should reflect upon them and change behaviors. It is possible that you may have developed habits that deviate you from your course. It is important to recognize them and ban them. Moreover, it is vital to maintain your motives; hence, you should give yourself credit for your achievements.
  • In addition, an action plan with precision is crucial. Hence, a useful tip would be to define and list the things that you don’t want to pursue.

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Personal development is a lifelong procedure that involves honest introspection. Despite being individual, one should not neglect the fact that we all are a unit of a greater collectivity. It is a fact that a person should take into consideration, as a parallel examination to introspection. This reality check is the reference point for a person’s growth and the necessary information to devise a personal plan.