Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Reshaping Education

Christina Tziouvara
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Artificial Intelligence and machine learning  are technological concepts interwoven with each other. These two concepts have common ground; as machine learning is a subset of the idea that artificial intelligence represents. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Converging Points 

In particular, Artificial Intelligence is defined a simulating technology, which can perform tasks that demand human intelligence, using machines. Among the tasks that require simulating human behavior, are visual perception; making decisions; perform translating duties etc.

While machine learning is the application, which corresponds to part of the wider context of Artificial Intelligence technology. Namely, machine learning is the materialization of Artificial Intelligence concept, by providing machines with access to data. Furthermore, through processes, which involve algorithms and statistics, inferences are drawn through pattern recognition, of the collected data.  

Applications Pertinent to Education

It appears that technologies, which were considered far-fetched decades ago, have become integrant part of our lives. Even though, there are no applications that deploy the full potentials of their context yet; however, there are applications founded on the aforementioned technologies. Education is a sector, where these two technologies have provided tools with the potentiality to redefine learning and teaching experiences. Here are 3 educational applications based on these technologies: 

  • The virtual course provider, Coursera, gives teachers the opportunity to map weak points in course materials. In addition, this online platform provides customized feedback to the students, regarding their submitted assignments; and, teachers are informed. Hence, high quality lesson delivery is provided; and, a common conceptual foundation is built among the students.
  • There is an application that provides access flexibility, in terms of location, called Presentation Translator; hence, classrooms’ formation extends on a global scale. In addition, this software provides customized services, in cases of different language, visual or hearing disabilities.
  • Finally, there are educational applications that have tutoring operation. These applications consist of different learning styles; hence, they provide customized teaching approaches, which enhance the learning experience. 

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are two technologies, that once their potentials will be deployed to the fullest, the impact will be multilevel. However, technology is a field that rapidly progresses; therefore, observing and upskilling on current technological advances is imperative.  

At iED Academy we are deeply interested in all these novel technologies that reshape our educational systems. Stay tuned as we will expand more in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses in the near future.