How to Learn Analytics for Free

Christina Tziouvara

Are you new to digital marketing and have been looking for ways on how to learn analytics for free?

Whether you are a starting a venture or looking for ways to reinforce your business or even exploring your options for a career in digital marketing… Whatever your interest is, you might want to read this through.

Because digital analysis is without a doubt a powerful booster for establishing a brand and a career.

Why is Digital Analysis Worth Your While?

Digital analysis is integrant to digital marketing, along with the core operations of SEO; content marketing; social media; UX etc.

Digital marketing is a value for money service for companies. In fact, this technology is founded on:

  • Building relationships through effective communication.
  • Monitoring and interpreting customers' behavior.
  • Observing competition.
  • And, giving an insight of the market’s trends.

Nevertheless, digital analysis isn’t only intended for digital marketing purposes. On the contrary, it is an invaluable knowledge that can determine the overall operations of a company. This process can help you optimize your business strategy, for an eventual enhanced performance. As you get the opportunity to familiarize yourself with your audience.

Analytics have niche in various industries, and it can also be suitable for fields with rapid fluctuations in customers flow.

A Course List on How to Learn Analytics for Free

Our team created a list of free online courses pertinent to analytics and some of its tools, to get you started with:

  1. Following up the purpose of urging our users to excellence, iED Academy is hosting Introduction to Analytics. This course stresses the skills and tools required, along with all the analytics’ fundamentals, to become a true pro.
  2. Google Analytics for Beginners, introduces Google Analytics tool and its use. This tool can provide real-time information on your website through its users. This information can help to shape up your content for an engaging website.
  3. Introduction to Data Studio is an online course delivered by Google, to ease in beginners to the use of Data Studio tool. This is a free tool of data visualization to help you build thorough reports.

At the End

The high value of establishing a strong and influential presence in the digital world is non-negotiable. And, being able to identify the needs and trends of the global community, can skyrocket your business venture or your career for real.

Hopefully, this article gave you an insight of what is out there to direct your research on how to learn analytics for free.