The NLP Coaching Phenomenon

Christina Tziouvara

NLP coaching is a popular method that exists for many decades. In fact, it is known for the method’s goal accomplishment, in a short period of time. It is alternative technique of self-awareness with focus on cognitive and behavioral patterns, whether they are in a conscious level or not.

The Core of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-linguistic programming is a technique that employs a person’s aspects of perception, behavior, and communication for the achievement of behavioral changes. Furthermore, NLP applications spectrum varies, from treating psychological disorders to personal growth purposes. In fact, NLP is considered a therapy that has the potential to achieve the set goal, through short-term coaching and with lasting effect. Among the benefits of this practice are the acquisition of better understanding of the self, including cognitive and behavioral aspects, both conscious and unconscious.

The NLP Coaching and the 6 Logical Levels of Change

A person’s experiences and the way they are processed, may lead to internalizing behavioral blocking patterns. This system of patterns, forms a person’s internal maps, which is the reference point of one’s operation. An NLP coach observes and identifies a person’s unconscious limitation patterns that need to be altered, towards a more productive behavior. In fact, a coach detects such patterns by focusing on the person’s language, in order to define a suitable therapeutic course.

NLP model of change is represented with the shape of a pyramid, divided into 6 levels. Obviously, the top and bottom part of the pyramid are the highest and lowest levels of change respectively. All these stages are linked with each other, and they are known as Dilts logical levels. In addition, these stages relate to the natural course that is pertinent to learning, communication, and change. The NLP model is as follows:
  • Environment is the lowest level of the pyramid. It involves all the physical and emotional elements that constitute a person’s framework.
  • Identifying one’s personal behaviors. This level involves elements, such as voice; physical signs; patterns etc.
  • Understand one’s potentials, though acknowledging one’s skills and capabilities. In fact, these potentials may be adequate material to cause change.
  • Acknowledgment of one’s belief system and meaningful personal standards, can be a source of motivation for change achievement.
  • Definition of one’s identity, including the role and responsibilities that go with it.
  • Spirituality holds the highest logical level. This level is about identifying one’s purpose and meaning in life.

Any lower-level change doesn’t necessarily cause upper-level change. On the contrary, any upper-level change can influence lower levels. Explore the possibilities of self-awareness, along with other personal aspects, in the NLP Coaching Masterclass workshop delivered by MasterMyLife, on November 27th, 2021.

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Admittedly, NLP has a widespread popularity; and, as a method counts more than 40 years of existence. It is another approach of self-improvement that could match your personal needs.