iED Academy Partners with Konica Minolta

Vasilis Bouronikos

iED Academy proudly announces its strategic partnership with Konica Minolta, one of the most dedicated, leading and innovative companies in the current digitalization efforts. Sharing a common set of goals, we jointly strive to provide you with creative ideas and valuable solutions through our collaborative learning content.

What to Expect from this Partnership?

iED Academy and Konica Minolta both serve innovation from different areas of expertise. On the one hand, iED Academy, as a state-of-the-art digital spot for creators to share their ideas and expertise, provides online courses for skills development. On the other, Konica Minolta offers a wide range of innovative business solutions with imaging, data processing, and data-based decision-making expertise.

By joining forces, iED Academy brings the innovation created by Konica Minolta closer to their customers. Simultaneously, it creates value by making it more appealing and approachable to the everyday user. There is potential for more synergies between our organizations as innovation is an ongoing process. There is a thirst for learning, especially in up and coming and innovative sectors such as Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality by Konica Minolta

The first result of this strategic partnership is the Augmented Reality by Konica Minolta free online course. It was launched earlier in March and immediately became a big hit among our users. This innovative course tries to give a clear understanding of Augmented Reality applications using a genARate studio, a platform developed by Konica Minolta. This course includes 11 learning modules, 50 videos, while it provides a Certification of Completion to all users who have completed the course.

Those who participate in this course will learn:

· How to create dynamic AR experiences with Android and iOS devices,
· About the business value of Augmented Reality,
· The basics of cloud technology,
· How an AR experience is triggered, matched, and displayed through a mobile device.
You wouldn't want to miss this unique, exciting learning opportunity for all those who have a keen interest in new technologies such as Augmenting Reality.

You can learn more about Konica Minolta by visiting their official website: