Why Leadership Skills are Important

Christina Tziouvara

Answering the question of why leadership skills are important may correspond to a vague answer. Specifying leadership skills can be a difficult task; as we refer to a quality that can be adapted to a person’s unique set of characteristics.

The Broad Context of Leadership

As a concept it can be misleading and, in many cases, misinterpreted with authority, or a prerequisite of a job profile that is higher up in the hierarchy. On the contrary, leadership doesn’t necessarily align with that kind of power.

In a wider context, leadership is about one’s influence that triggers other people’s inspiration, and all that channeled towards the fulfillment of a certain goal. Apparently, it is a concept that doesn’t hold up without the parameters of “others” and the achievement of a goal.

What Qualities Constitute a Good Workplace Leader

Leadership, as defined above, is a concept with fluidity; as there were no specific personal traits mentioned that correspond to an effective leader. However, becoming a leader, in a workplace context, equals to meeting certain requirements:

  • Communication with precision, expressed both verbally and in writing. Obviously, communication is about interaction; hence, establishing effective communication with others, being an active listener, and paying attention to non-verbal communication. Therefore, having effective social and interpersonal skills can facilitate work relationship establishment.
  • Being dependable, and empathetic with the other employees is crucial. This aspect requires fair allotment of task responsibilities and feedback provision. One must be open to feedback as well.
  • In addition, having good presentation and public speaking skills are assets
  • Being a creative thinker is about thought flexibility and innovation; these qualities can be channeled to the provision of effective solutions, reasoning, and synthesizing.
  • Being a responsible team leader that is committed to work, can be a galvanizing paradigm for other employees.

So Why Leadership Skills are Important

This is a skillset that amplifies the overall work performance; hence, maximizes the company’s productivity, while maintaining a balanced and supportive environment. Therefore, an answer to the question why leadership skills are important, can be summarized to the positive influence. As the influence of one’s good leadership skills apply to oneself; but also, extend to the rest of the work team.

Admittedly, effective leadership skills are crucial and conducive to one’s professional growth and the work team’s productivity at large. Developing leadership skills demands exploration of one’s personal qualities that have the potential to become leadership material. It is about deploying strengths and enhancing weaknesses that benefit oneself and others.

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