Become a Certified ICF Coach and Stand Out

Christina Tziouvara

Are you in that ambivalent position, where you can’t decide whether you want to be a certified ICF coach or not?

Maybe it would be helpful trying to ask yourself the right questions.

Namely, what is in this role that makes you want to pursue this career? Would a certification make any difference? What would it take to reach that goal?

Hopefully, this article might answer some of your questions.

ICF Coach as in A Different Kind of Leader

An ICF coach is a professional that guides a person through one’s process towards personal and professional growth; and, by extension, success. However, you should bear in mind that these professionals won’t be the ones answering other people’s questions.

Coaching is about helping, but not in an invasive way. On the contrary, the core principle of this process, is that people have the answers for themselves all along; the coach is just the intermediary to help them discover that. In fact, the ICF coach is an active listener that will help a person find one’s way out, by making the right questions.

In particular, there are many perks deriving from this coaching process:

  • One will identify personal strengths and weaknesses and work through them to become the best possible version of oneself. Apparently, this is a strengthening process that will boost a person’s confidence as well.
  • This process will help a person become a better professional. And, in the case of being high in the career ladder, the influence will be discernible at one’s management.
  • Furthermore, one will be able to find the golden ratio between work and personal life; and, implement it.

Why Become a Certified ICF Coach?

Coaching can be difficult to define, due to the fact of being a broad term. In addition, there many occasions, where coaching is mistaken or even loosely used for other unrelated professional roles.

So, if you are interested into becoming a certified ICF coach is imperative. It’s not so much for the sake of the certification, more that formal credentials will accredit that you are a qualified professional. Evidently, your validity as a professional will advance your career, through accessing to important job opportunities.

Great Opportunity Ahead

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In a nutshell, an ICF coach is the person who helps others define their wants and their personal processes in order to succeed. A coach initiates and supports an individual’s or better yet a team’s process towards discovering and adopting a suitable mindset.