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Christina Tziouvara
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Digital analytics is a source of valuable data waiting to be decoded. These data convey information that can amplify or even reroot your entrepreneurial strategies, both offline and online.

Let’s find out how.

What is the Point of Digital Analysis?

Data encapsulate the overall online customer interaction with your business’ digital presence. It takes an experienced data analyst to see through these data and make the right suggestions.

The job of the data analyst begins with the need for a certain answer. However, it would be best to make a brief introduction of what a data analyst does.

Firstly, clarifying the problem will direct the expert to define the needed data. Following on from specifying the data, the analyst will proceed to collection and transfer (ETL pipeline). Subsequently, the professional cleans the data for analysis preparation. Finally, the data analyst proceeds to analysis and interpretation.

The purpose of data analysis boils down to the following 4 dimensions:

  • Insights’ provision of what happened.
  • Insights’ provision of why it happened.
  • Predictions of what will happen.
  • And, making suggestions regarding the best possible actions that can be made.

In a word, the essence of digital analysis is knowledge. With this intention, filtering data can steer your business performance to success, through amplifying customers engagement.

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Wrapping Up

Digital analysis gives you a 360-degree view of your customer behavior. It’s a glimpse of the past, present and future, in order to proceed to an informed decision that will be the reference of your overall business strategy.